inspectionWe handle even the toughest of manufacturing challenges.  Dadson’s ensures compliance to the quality policy by fulfilling the following objectives:

  • To improve operational efficiency
  • To keep rejects below 1%.
  • To improve ability to meet customer commitments.
  • To ship products to our customers, defect free and on time.
  • To have our departments work as one through the sharing of information.
  • To continually reduce costs to our customers.
  • To maintain a work environment that encourages employee participation and progress.

Quality Documentation
Dadson’s Machining, Inc. has adopted a documented Quality System as a means of ensuring product conformity to specified requirements. These documents begin with this Quality Manual, which contains an overview of our Quality Procedures. Quality Procedures are supported by working documents that are referenced within respective procedures.

Quality Procedures
Quality Procedures are to provide employees with instructions on the performance of tasks to support our Quality System. These procedures were developed as a joint venture between management and qualified employees to meet the requirements of our customers. All employees at Dadson’s Machining, Inc. are responsible for implementing the Quality System to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Quality Planning
Quality Planning is a continuous activity at Dadson’s Machining, Inc.
These planning activities include, but are not limited to:
· Internal Audit Plans
· Employee Training Plans
· Production Plans (as outlined in Shop Router)
· Inspection Plans (In-Process & Final Inspection Sheets)

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