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CNC Turning Centers
1 Hyundai Hit 15S w/SMW Space Saver Bar Feed
1 Hyundai Quick Turn 28N
1 Hardinge CHNC III Sp w/12 ft. Bar Feed
1 Hardinge CHNC III w/12 ft. Bar Feed
1 Hardinge Cobra 42 1 OmniTurn GT-75
1 Mazak 10M w/Live Tooling
1 Hyundai WIA LM1800 TTSY 

CNC Machining Centers1 Mazak AJV-25/405N Vertical Machining Center
1 Fadal VMC 15 w/4th Axis
1 Fadal VMC 4020 w/5th Axis
1 Bridgeport EZ-Trak 2-Axis
1 SuperMax VMC
2 HAAS VF2SSYT w/4th axisCNC Sawing
1 DoAll C-916SA Horizontal Saw
1 Clausing K C12Ax Horizontal Saw

Screw Machine
1 Hardinge DSM-A

Manual Equipment
2 Drill Presses
1 Surface Grinder
1 Jones & Lamson Tool Room Lathe
1 Gorton Mill
1 Peerless Horizontal Saw
Various Assembly Tools

Inspection Equipment
Brown & Sharp CMM (Fully Programmable)
Latest Mitutoyo Mic’s & Calipers
DoAll Optical Comparator
A variety of surface plates, optical comparator, gage blocks, plug gages, ring gages, sine plate, vee blocks.
Twin Pines Metrology Certified Inspection Equipment

Virtual Gibbs CAD/CAM Programming Software

Equipment Capabilities
Turning: 3.0″ diameter through spindle for bar feeding
Turning: 3.0″ diameter through spindle for non-bar feeding
Turning: 16″ diameter maximum
Milling: 3, 4 & 5 Axis
Milling: X=40″, Y=20″, Z=28″
Dimensions greater than these are accepted in limited applications.

We also have access to the following capabilities: Metal Stamping, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Laser Machining, Water Jet Cutting and Deep Draw. Various outside services including, but, not limited to: plating, heat treat, painting, welding and NDT.

Ganesh Cyclone 52BY2 Multi-Axis Machine


Kira KDM 43VCD Vertical Machine



Doosan MX-2500 LST Multi-functional CNC


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